Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Search for the Chainman.

Even though it's been about three or four months since we went on our winter tour, nobody has managed to upload any pictures. This is ridiculous! I swear like 3 or 4 of you had cameras. What's so hard about plugging them in and uploading them all at once? ... Anyways, I decided to maybe get the ball rolling and upload some pictures of my own. I took them with my camera phone so the quality is not that great; and because it was with my phone, I did not take very many. Hey! I think I can see the Chainman, see if you can spot him.

Pushing our van up a hill in Seattle, WA. Thanks Abandon!

Freezing in Portland, OR

Fresh Seattle Snow!

We met a llamma and 4 goats somewhere near Portland

Seamoose in Seattle, WA

In Salt Lake City, Utah, just outside of the show

Home we stayed in just outside of Denver, CO.

Somewhere in the Rockies.

More of the beautiful Rockies.

Miserable 16 hour drives through Idaho.

Jordy, Chris, & Seamoose in SLC, UT

And for those of you who are wondering what is going on with Time For Change here it is: We are trying to write some new stuff. The key word is trying. The process has been slow and hard going--especially for me. I have a lack of mental stimulation which, I think, is preventing me from coming up with, and enjoying, any new ideas. It all seems old, generic, and lazy. It also seems as though I have lost a certain familiarity with the genre. Is this bad news? Maybe. In the short term things are not getting done, so both time and activity are lost. In the long term, this period could manifest into something grand and new--which will most likely result in better songs. Hopefully the latter happens before all of our own personal enthusiasm in the band is lost. (And I'm not entirely sure I used the word "manifest" correctly, but you get the point.)

And in worse news. Our good friends Restrained are breaking up. This is one of the few local bands that I truly love. Everything about them is great from their recordings to their live show to their song writing to their style and sound--even their ear piercing feedback was befitting. Now that they are breaking up, I regret not having done more to support them. I want to wish them all the best of luck in their future projects. I also want to ask anybody reading this to do yourself a favor and go to their last show, or at least pick up both of their records, which are available at Http:// you're at it, go ahead and add a free Wunami demo to your cart.) Well that's about it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Tour 09' Day 6: Denver, CO

The show was nothing less than awesome. We played at the Blast O' Matt in Denver, CO. Which is also ran by by the great people of Bad People Records. Rudy the owner or what he like to call himself a "Care Giver" of the place. I mean, this joint was out of control. The store front where they have the record store was a house that was converted. And the actual venue was located behind it in a small warehouse that was converted as well, which included a small stage, huge overhead monitors and soundboard. This place was punk as fuck and it was totally d.i.y founded. We got a good reaction from the crowd and the local band Bankrobbers was amazing. They did a Strife cover(Blistered) and it went off. This was our second show playing on this tour with Harm's Way and Convicted. With the show going well and making a gang of new friends. Me, Chris, and Jordy went and had some awesome veggie Pho soup before the show started. Good Stuff, we ended up staying with Big Brian's Aunt's Cabin just outside of town. It was nice just relax and actually get some good sleep, a shower and some home cooked food. We are going to leave tonight to visit the Grand Canyon and take some pictures, maybe get some postcards. Who knows. This tour ain't over yet and we are sure as hell ain't through living out these days.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Tour 09' Day 3: Seattle, WA

We drove from Portland, OR right after the show. We got to Timm's(Trial) house only to find him looming us from his window on from the third story window. I split off from the van to stay with my dear friend's Sara and Alex at their apartment, and Blanche. I went with them to a gift exchange/vegan potluck with more Seattle natives while the rest of the boys went record shopping. Later in the day it began to snow. We had to wait for the rest of the doods to come scoop us up for the show, about an hour later we come to find out that they not only got lost they got stuck in the snow somewhere near the Space Neetle(which is the far and the opposite way from where we were at).

The show started off good. Was not a bad turn out for the weather outside, Abandon killed it as well as our friend's new band, Parasitic Skies. Unrestrained(Portland) was simply amazing. I have been waiting to see them for a good long time. It was awesome to finally meet those gentlemen in person. But the show started late and we were only able to play three songs. Which sucked because we have got such a good reaction from the croud that we did not get the last time we played here. Shit happens. But you know what, seeing all of our seattle friends that we have not seen in years made it all worth the trip. Thanks to everyone to came to hang out and came out to the show.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello, Old Friend.

Its been too long since I have last posted on this platform. Well lots of updates and a lot of apologises for not recapping the last 4 shows we had enjoyed dearly, sorry. We are just so busy with "trying" to write for a new split with are planning with our dear friends Seven Generations. Its a hard time coming but we are working on material that is pretty far from the norm for us. Think Reach The Sky...yeah.

Also we are getting a few loose ends tightened up on our upcoming winter tour that we are so excited about. The last time we were suppose to hit the road well, it just became a series of problems I do not wish to go into right now but it seriously was a mess of a tour. This one the other hand seems to be coming together smoothly. The only obstacle now is transportation. We have made a bold decision to put our self's in the market for purchasing a van. Fick and I will be going to look at one on Sunday. Who knows what will happen. Fick is definitely the "mover and shaker" of this pack so I can honestly have peace of mind when it comes to a situation like this. I will have more updates as the news comes in about anything.

I can't promise we will be making weekly updates but I can promise that the updates will be consistent with any news or changes that come along with this outfit. And you can take that to the bank! Meanwhile I found some pictures from the last time we were on tour with Seven Generations. What a time.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Found this group pic of us on our first tour with xDeathstarx and Winds of Plague. Good ol' days. Merry edge day everyone. Stay gold.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Show Recap: Oct 1st, 2008 w/Vitamin X, TFC @The Pharaoh's Den, Riverside, CA

Needless to say the show was nothing short of amazing. Playing with one of my favorite bands of all time. You know, I never thought I would be seeing this band in my lifetime, let alone playing with them the first time i've ever saw them. It was a very content feeling. The VX doods stayed at my house that night and it was awesome to just conversate with older heads that have been into hardcore almost longer than you have been in this world. I realised that europian folks are seriously out of their mind. When we pulled up to the apartment after the show. Alex, their bassist saw that my neighbor was selling his 66' Mustang. He must have been pondering over it all night for when the morning came around he was knocking on that man's door. Trying to get the dood to give him a test drive. HA! It was heilarious to see a Netherlandian haggle for a car that he had no idea how he was going to get it back to his own country. I can't wait until those guys come back. Below are some videos on us and VX. Check it out.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Recap: 09.05.08 TFC, Xibalba, All Your Might @Boys and Girls Club, Indio, CA

Well this was a fun event, I was kind of scepticle at first about us headlining in a town we have never played before but it turned out for the best. We all just didn't expect as many kids to show as they did for the such a short notice of a show.
As you can see from the flyer it was at a Boys and Girls Club, but for some reason i did not expect it to be preforming on a basketball court. It was interesting/rad to say the least, Most of the bands on the bill were pretty damn good. and the reaction was continuious for all the acts of the that night. It was pretty crazy to have the promoter come up to us and apoligise for not having as many kids at usual due to the short notice of the show. There was at least 60-70 kids there. Um, I can only imagine what a solid draw would be in this town!
We had set up a show for the next day in Phoenix, AZ to play but we received a call during our set that due to complications of the venue the show had to be canceled. It was a bummer seeing that all of us were all mentally "checked out" and were ready to get out of town for the weekend. Some of were planning on still going out to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon but wussed out on the last minute. whatever, we had a good time but for the most part and we will be visiting Indio real soon. I think it was just a breath of fresh air to play in front of a bunch of kids that are not soiled by the convenience of having shows to pick from every night of the week like a big city provides. Out.