Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Search for the Chainman.

Even though it's been about three or four months since we went on our winter tour, nobody has managed to upload any pictures. This is ridiculous! I swear like 3 or 4 of you had cameras. What's so hard about plugging them in and uploading them all at once? ... Anyways, I decided to maybe get the ball rolling and upload some pictures of my own. I took them with my camera phone so the quality is not that great; and because it was with my phone, I did not take very many. Hey! I think I can see the Chainman, see if you can spot him.

Pushing our van up a hill in Seattle, WA. Thanks Abandon!

Freezing in Portland, OR

Fresh Seattle Snow!

We met a llamma and 4 goats somewhere near Portland

Seamoose in Seattle, WA

In Salt Lake City, Utah, just outside of the show

Home we stayed in just outside of Denver, CO.

Somewhere in the Rockies.

More of the beautiful Rockies.

Miserable 16 hour drives through Idaho.

Jordy, Chris, & Seamoose in SLC, UT

And for those of you who are wondering what is going on with Time For Change here it is: We are trying to write some new stuff. The key word is trying. The process has been slow and hard going--especially for me. I have a lack of mental stimulation which, I think, is preventing me from coming up with, and enjoying, any new ideas. It all seems old, generic, and lazy. It also seems as though I have lost a certain familiarity with the genre. Is this bad news? Maybe. In the short term things are not getting done, so both time and activity are lost. In the long term, this period could manifest into something grand and new--which will most likely result in better songs. Hopefully the latter happens before all of our own personal enthusiasm in the band is lost. (And I'm not entirely sure I used the word "manifest" correctly, but you get the point.)

And in worse news. Our good friends Restrained are breaking up. This is one of the few local bands that I truly love. Everything about them is great from their recordings to their live show to their song writing to their style and sound--even their ear piercing feedback was befitting. Now that they are breaking up, I regret not having done more to support them. I want to wish them all the best of luck in their future projects. I also want to ask anybody reading this to do yourself a favor and go to their last show, or at least pick up both of their records, which are available at Http:// you're at it, go ahead and add a free Wunami demo to your cart.) Well that's about it.

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