Friday, December 12, 2008

Hello, Old Friend.

Its been too long since I have last posted on this platform. Well lots of updates and a lot of apologises for not recapping the last 4 shows we had enjoyed dearly, sorry. We are just so busy with "trying" to write for a new split with are planning with our dear friends Seven Generations. Its a hard time coming but we are working on material that is pretty far from the norm for us. Think Reach The Sky...yeah.

Also we are getting a few loose ends tightened up on our upcoming winter tour that we are so excited about. The last time we were suppose to hit the road well, it just became a series of problems I do not wish to go into right now but it seriously was a mess of a tour. This one the other hand seems to be coming together smoothly. The only obstacle now is transportation. We have made a bold decision to put our self's in the market for purchasing a van. Fick and I will be going to look at one on Sunday. Who knows what will happen. Fick is definitely the "mover and shaker" of this pack so I can honestly have peace of mind when it comes to a situation like this. I will have more updates as the news comes in about anything.

I can't promise we will be making weekly updates but I can promise that the updates will be consistent with any news or changes that come along with this outfit. And you can take that to the bank! Meanwhile I found some pictures from the last time we were on tour with Seven Generations. What a time.

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