Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Recap: 09.05.08 TFC, Xibalba, All Your Might @Boys and Girls Club, Indio, CA

Well this was a fun event, I was kind of scepticle at first about us headlining in a town we have never played before but it turned out for the best. We all just didn't expect as many kids to show as they did for the such a short notice of a show.
As you can see from the flyer it was at a Boys and Girls Club, but for some reason i did not expect it to be preforming on a basketball court. It was interesting/rad to say the least, Most of the bands on the bill were pretty damn good. and the reaction was continuious for all the acts of the that night. It was pretty crazy to have the promoter come up to us and apoligise for not having as many kids at usual due to the short notice of the show. There was at least 60-70 kids there. Um, I can only imagine what a solid draw would be in this town!
We had set up a show for the next day in Phoenix, AZ to play but we received a call during our set that due to complications of the venue the show had to be canceled. It was a bummer seeing that all of us were all mentally "checked out" and were ready to get out of town for the weekend. Some of were planning on still going out to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon but wussed out on the last minute. whatever, we had a good time but for the most part and we will be visiting Indio real soon. I think it was just a breath of fresh air to play in front of a bunch of kids that are not soiled by the convenience of having shows to pick from every night of the week like a big city provides. Out.

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