Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Tour 09' Day 6: Denver, CO

The show was nothing less than awesome. We played at the Blast O' Matt in Denver, CO. Which is also ran by by the great people of Bad People Records. Rudy the owner or what he like to call himself a "Care Giver" of the place. I mean, this joint was out of control. The store front where they have the record store was a house that was converted. And the actual venue was located behind it in a small warehouse that was converted as well, which included a small stage, huge overhead monitors and soundboard. This place was punk as fuck and it was totally d.i.y founded. We got a good reaction from the crowd and the local band Bankrobbers was amazing. They did a Strife cover(Blistered) and it went off. This was our second show playing on this tour with Harm's Way and Convicted. With the show going well and making a gang of new friends. Me, Chris, and Jordy went and had some awesome veggie Pho soup before the show started. Good Stuff, we ended up staying with Big Brian's Aunt's Cabin just outside of town. It was nice just relax and actually get some good sleep, a shower and some home cooked food. We are going to leave tonight to visit the Grand Canyon and take some pictures, maybe get some postcards. Who knows. This tour ain't over yet and we are sure as hell ain't through living out these days.

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