Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Tour 09' Day 3: Seattle, WA

We drove from Portland, OR right after the show. We got to Timm's(Trial) house only to find him looming us from his window on from the third story window. I split off from the van to stay with my dear friend's Sara and Alex at their apartment, and Blanche. I went with them to a gift exchange/vegan potluck with more Seattle natives while the rest of the boys went record shopping. Later in the day it began to snow. We had to wait for the rest of the doods to come scoop us up for the show, about an hour later we come to find out that they not only got lost they got stuck in the snow somewhere near the Space Neetle(which is the far and the opposite way from where we were at).

The show started off good. Was not a bad turn out for the weather outside, Abandon killed it as well as our friend's new band, Parasitic Skies. Unrestrained(Portland) was simply amazing. I have been waiting to see them for a good long time. It was awesome to finally meet those gentlemen in person. But the show started late and we were only able to play three songs. Which sucked because we have got such a good reaction from the croud that we did not get the last time we played here. Shit happens. But you know what, seeing all of our seattle friends that we have not seen in years made it all worth the trip. Thanks to everyone to came to hang out and came out to the show.

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