Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Show Recap: 09.01.08 Killing The Dream, TFC (rec release), Restrained, The Sunset Limited, Rotting Out @The Pharoah's Den, Riverside, CA

" Holding this moment in the palm of my hand, This thing still means so much to me, Beliefs that have stood the test of time, A force that surrounds us - Penetrates us Binds us all together these days belong to us.
So much more than just fucking clothes, It's in the way that you cannot sit still chewing on words but spitting out actions, fire, the fire that burns so deep inside,
The fire that keeps hardcore alive." - Bane

So what can I say about this special night to the ones that were there and have witnessed what was demonstrated. The feelings exchanged and the connections that were established between one another was so intense I seriously doubt I will ever forget this moment. So many familiar faces and yet so many I did not recognise. But I took it all the same as if I knew them just as long. Honestly I don't remember the last show we have preformed at that we received as much output from the crowd as we do. From the beginning of the day until the time of the show, the whole scene started to unfold exactly the way I predicted. All the memories that I have managed to remember are played back like scenes from a 90's 'coming of age' film. All I can recall is laughter and mixed conversations in contrasted with blurred faces and movements. All those conversations and human contact wrapped up all the images from the performance into a vivid slide. The damn of it all was that my dearest friend Kevan and my love Krystle were not there and able to watch our set, let me explain. During Restrained's set Kevan (front man) got a little too into his own while playing and he managed to dislocate his knee. Thus forth Krystle escorting him to the clinic and missing our set. He managed to make it back to the show but it was unfortunately too late. Rotting Out's set was simply amazing to say the least, I swear that band sounds more solid every time I see them. They displayed some of their newer material and it was really progressive for the the style they carry. The Sunset limited has to be one of the most underrated groups from the mid-southern Cali area. At one time they went by the name Johnny Cage. Now I can totally understand why they decided to change their name, seeing that when they started as a group it was merely a friend band project that no one thought was going to go any further than that. But hearing and seeing them live now, it is obvious that that have evolved into something more mature. Their style is totally innovative and is a breath of fresh air into what is the norm of hardcore today. Restrained besides the physical/medical difficulties they were facing in the beginning of their set managed to close up their performance with nothing short than amazing. I am very proud of how far they have come and honored they shared the floor with us that night. Of course, Killing The Dream as always reminds us why they are so well known, their music and ability says it all. I think we are all still feeling the wake from last night. Waking up this morning I immediately realized, and felt regret for not calling the next day off from work in advance. My body, my mind took so much abuse and it seriously feels like I had the shit kicked out of me by several foes. Even now it is hard for me to even bend down. But I guess that's how you know, I laid it all out on the line for everyone to see when we play, when all that is left from me is a tired soul surrounded by bruised bones and torn flesh. I have a deep laceration behind my right ear from being pushed into the drum symbols last night. I was told I might need stitches. We shall see in a few days if that is necessary.
But what I do know is this...

For roughly two years, hundreds of practice sessions, member changes, attempted break ups, restless nights. All to get this material wrapped up into a compact disc is probably one of the hardest trials this band has faced. I think it has let us confront dimensions of each other's characters that we have never even known were there. There is a new understanding of what this band stands for. For what once started as five young Hispanic kids from the wrong side of the tracks just trying to get out of their lives one night at a time has now turned into a vessel for many of us (for many reason of their own) that can't. This is bigger than us now. And now seeing this, it only makes us want to play harder than ever before. Its cause of you we have the strength to open up. Thanks to everyone once again, past and present who have supported us.

with all of our hearts,
Andy, Big Brian, Matt, Fick and Jordy.

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