Sunday, June 29, 2008

Recap: June 12th @The Pharoah's Den, Riverside, CA

The show was pretty cool, started off rough i think. I also think with the amount of stress of the tour booking and release building upon the regular daily bullshit, it was definetly worth the release of that night. The kids i think are still getting used to the new venue. Not much action from the crowd but i think in time and when our new material drops there will be more lively able bodies about.
the energy started to pick up towards the end of our set, it's like i said before. No one reconizes the new material and in the hopes time will bring a relavence to the material we are trying to display. Its difficult for a band that is branded by the slogans of "Hardcore" and "Straight Edge" to progress musically and yet to be reconized for it. Some people will not even bash an eye towards the fact a band in this community is trying something outside their normality. Not to be mistaken, we are not breaking any ground with this new record but fuck, we are trying something new for us. And we feel it more now than ever.

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