Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Gods, One Master?

Okay so today we have somehow landed into the legendary Paul Miner's studio to finish the mastering process of our record. I honestly don't have a clue on what goes into mastering, let alone what it will do for our sound. But i am sure it can only be good, right? Well Eric (Noise Pollution Studio, you know. the guy that recorded us?) has came with us to sit in on the session. I am pretty sure he has an idea of what is going on because as of now Matt and I are just sitting here giggling and cracking jokes totally clueless on what to ask or listen for. Eric is pretty skied about the whole thing. Its funny because this whole time the only thing we see is that you see in the picture above. Not a whole lot of communication going on between us and Paul. It's kind of awkward really. We showed up late to the studio, Eric was already here and the mastering process has already started. So yeah basically our scenery is the the back of Paul's head. Slight movements of his head indicates to me that he likes our jams? Who the hell knows. Stay tuned.

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