Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Kids Aren't All Right.

Well our CD is almost out and i am about to get grey hairs over how much of a hassle the process of working with others can be. Up and down and away we go on a emotion roller coaster that has shaky turns and rusted rails. This has been all to rough on us. It really keeps me in check on why i decided to start my own label, i just ran out of patience for anyone else. But to become more established in this "industry" you must play the game with others. Especially ones that have been through this more than once. Maybe i say too much, maybe i am paranoid, maybe i am just a thorn in every ones side. But to me i can't feel any other way about this band other than its like a child we have all brought up from birth. There is so much history and trials that have been absorbed, some triumphed and some failed. But we wiped the dirt and blood off our knees and we trudged on. And to have other forces trying to grab our hand to help us along the way...you can't help to be stand-off'ish about that. Its like you want to say, "thanks but no thanks i can get up myself." But you know you are going to need that hand sooner or later.

Oh yeah,
big ups to Matthew Sinks for the promos. We have definitely sunk to a new low.

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