Thursday, May 22, 2008

Love is Life, Life is Pain.

Well we are almost done with our recording. So close that is doesn't seem to feel like we are just about done with the whole thing. Tonight i step into the studio to record for the last time. Finishing up the final touches to what we believe is the expression of true self. Everything up until this point has been a mere image encompassing all that we feel and all that we know. Like a motion picture if you will. Shows from the past have become a blur, blurred images of kids yelling every verse to me seems to get absorbed into my faded memories. All these feeling from other and myself are now a unwritten collective which is now recorded to be placed on shelves and shrink wrapped. I think a lot of people out there have an idea but never really understand out hard and how exhausting it is to write a record based on personal events and emotions that are truthful to the bone. I am tired, these sessions have drained me out and we must begin the endeavor of touring to revitalisation.

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